2015 - Recycle Rush

On January 3rd, 2015, FIRST Robotics announced the competition game for 2015: Recycle Rush. It involves picking up and stacking totes on scoring platforms, putting pool noodles inside recycling containers, and putting the containers on top of scoring stacks of totes.

2015 FIRST Robotics Game: Recycle Rush

What is Recycle Rush

Recycle Rush is a recycling-theme game. Below is a graphical layout of the playing field.
Two alliances consisting of three robots each will compete on a 26 by 27 ft. half of a 27 by 54 ft. field in a 2 minute and 30 second time frame. There is no contact with the other half of the field during play. The first 15 seconds are used for the autonomous period where the teams’ robots function free from manual control to score extra points. This period relies solely on the coding done by our programmers. The robots return to manual control by our drivers for the remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds, transitioning to the teleoperated stage.

Recycle Rush Scoring

The objective of the game is to stack as many totes as possible on one of the two scoring platforms on your side of the field. Then you want to stack a recycling bin on top of that, and put a pool noodle in the recycling bin. Other methods of scoring are: Throwing pool noodles to the other side of the field and earning cooperatition points by making a stack on the center island,  Scoring in both the autonomous and teleoperated stages are shown to the right on the top:

The Field for Recycle Rush

Below, you can see the pictorial representation of the field for the game Recycle Rush. For an enlarged version, click on the picture. To zoom in even further, click in the top left corner of the enlarged image. Which is shown the the right on the bottom:

Greater Kansas City Regional 2015

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