FIRST Scholarships

What are FIRST Scholarships?


Any student participating in the FIRST Robotics League is immediately expanding their horizons in their academics. There are many colleges and private universities that recognize these students and are willing to pay them to continue their education in these fields. This year, 2013, FIRST offers over ‘150 scholarship providers’ with a total of ‘750 individual scholarship opportunities’ totaling over $16 million. If you are interested in getting these scholarships, do some research at competition. Many local colleges and businesses will be there to advertise their company and sell kids on their scholarship opportunities. If you would like to learn more about the scholarships themselves or their providers, visit There you will find all the information about the different scholarships provided.

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FIRST has truly inspired me to think outside the box of what I want to do with my life.”
— Carolyn Michener of team 2836, past FIRST Scholarship winner

How to Qualify for Scholarships

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) taken from the FIRST Robotics website. For more, visit their FAQs page.

How much is a FIRST Scholarship?

Each scholarship is unique and has its own award amount.  They range in value from $1,000 non-renewable to full tuition for four years (total value ~$150,000).  Some schools offer a range of scholarship amounts, dependent upon your academic average.

I’m not a perfect student, Is there any chance I could win a scholarship?

Yes. You don’t have to be an A student to qualify for every FIRST  scholarship. There are FIRST scholarships for a broad range of abilities.  Look carefully at the eligibility requirements.  Some scholarship descriptions list minimum GPA, and/or test scores.  Some schools will consider any student who has been admitted.  Call the school directly if you have questions about whether you would qualify for their scholarship.

I don’t plan on being an engineer. Are there any scholarships for me?

YES!  Approximately 40% of the scholarships are for “any course of study”. The remaining 60% are for special majors such as engineering, math, science, computer science, or technology.  When searching the FIRST Scholarship Opportunities list, try using the “For any course of study” option in the “Narrow the results with these filters” box.  This will display all scholarships that can be used for any course of study.

Who can apply for a FIRST Scholarship?

High school students participating on FRC and FTC teams can apply for FIRST Scholarships. Most scholarships are for seniors, but there are a few scholarships available to juniors and a few available to college students. Each scholarship may also have other eligibility requirements, be sure to check carefully that you are eligible to apply.
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