FIRST Lego League is a competition for children that range from age 9 to 16. Children compete by building a robot out of Lego’s and completing different tasks set up. Local elementary and middle schools are welcoming new students to join them all the time.




FIRST Robotics Program: FIRST Lego League


What is FIRST Lego League (FLL)?

FIRST Lego League is another program sponsored by the FIRST Robotics Organization. This program is specifically designed to appeal to the younger generations. Getting them interested in the fields of science and technology early, this program lets students express themselves and work as a team to get their task accomplished in their 8 week build season. Appealing to kids ages 9-16, this program is aimed at helping students in the elementary to middle school ages. Students in these types of engineering programs are setting themselves up for success later in life and are very beneficial. To start your own FIRST Lego League team, all you need is a group of willing kids and mentors. Any organization has the opportunity to start their own Lego league team. Whether there is a group of friends wanting to get creative or a group of home-schooled kids looking to expand their knowledge, FIRST Robotics is a program for anyone and everyone.

Are your students not involved in this program?

If you have never heard of this program before or your students are currently not participating in this program, read through this presentation and hopefully we can change your mind. Being a part of this organization is something that will truly benefit your students for the rest of their lives. The skills they learn here can easily be applied to anywhere else they wish them to be.

It all starts with a single step.

And that step starts with you, the parent.

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What are the Benefits of the FLL Program?

Being that these students are younger in age, they learn to build the foundations of many different skills. At this age, they learn a lot about team work and cooperating with others. Also, these kids are able to learn a lot about the fields of science, math, and technology. Upon entrance into this program, students are three times more likely to enter into the fields of science and technology. These fields have grown exponentially in the past five years, and will continue to grow with today’s vastly expanding technological society. FIRST Lego League is the first step and most important step in creating successful students. This program quickly evolves into FIRST Robotics Competition where students at the high school level are able to make robots using real industrial supplies. With scholarship opportunities of over $16 million total, this program is beneficial for any and all who enter it. Getting your students involved at a younger age teaches your students valuable skills in team work and engineering.



What does an FLL Team do?

Students who participate in the FIRST Lego League are given a challenge at the beginning of the year to accomplish. Like the FIRST Robotics Competition, these challenges change annually and the robots built during their 8 week build-season compete, tournament style, at their own regional competition. Being that these students are younger in age, we wouldn’t want them making the larger 150lb robots that the FRC builds. Instead, these children use Lego Pieces specially designed by the FIRST Organization to build their robot. With simple to use programming software known as NXT-G, these students are able to learn the basics of programming their own FLL Robot.

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