FIRST Robotics League

The FIRST Robotics League is an organization started by founder Dean Kamen to promote interest in Science and Technology careers. The organization is most famous for its annual Robotics Competitions they hold for students in high school robotics.

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More about the FIRST Robotics League

“FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) was created in 1989 to fuel the interest of science and engineering in young people. By encouraging students and mentors to work side-by-side in strategy-based challenges, FIRST inspires innovation, communication, leadership, and gracious professionalism. All fifty states now have FIRST Robotics teams, as do four other countries, making FIRST a truly international experience.
The “build season” of a FIRST Robotics challenge consists of 6 weeks of strategizing, designing, building, programming, and testing out a robot that is supposed to solve a specific problem.Mission Statement provided by the FIRST Robotics League website. 



“To transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes.”

-Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST




What the FIRST Organization does for Students

The FIRST Organization provides many benefits for any and all students who participate in this program. Not only does this program promote the entrance into the fields of design and engineering, but it also promotes students at any age to begin developing leadership and management skills. The FIRST organization is split into four programs: FIRST Junior Lego League, FIRST Lego League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition. Each program is specially designed to fit different student’s needs and help each and every student grow at his/her own pace. If you would like more information about each of these programs, visit the following pages on our website or

FIRST Competitions

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