Junior FIRST Lego League

Junior FIRST Lego League is another FIRST Program that focuses on the younger students, ages 6-9. These students learn the basics of designing and building robots and develop valuable skills that they will use for the rest of their life.


FIRST Robotics Program: Junior FIRST Lego League



What is Jr. FIRST Lego League?

This branch of the FIRST Organization focuses on the younger children who aren’t old enough to participate in the FLL program. Aimed at six to nine year olds, this program encourages students from the younger generation to get interested in the fields of science and technology. As they build and develop useful skills, these students are able to graduate to more complex and difficult programs that truly test their minds and develop their character. Students who participate in the FIRST Organization have nothing but good things to say about it. Specifically, this Jr. FLL program teaches students the general basics in designing and programming robots.


What do Jr. FLL teams do?

Each year, Jr. FLL kids are given two tasks to accomplish: The Show Me poster, and the Model. At the beginning of the season, teams are given a real world challenge that they need to solve. Throughout their build season, this team will get together (weekly) to work on a poster that describes how they plan on accomplishing their goal. Then, the team is to build a model of their invention that helps visualize their plan from the Show Me poster. There are multiple Jr. FLL events throughout the season, but the main activity is the Regional Competition. There teams from around the area present their models and Show Me posters.
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