2010 – Breakaway

Robots compete to score points on a soccer-like playing field. Robots transport soccer balls into goals while going over ramps or under pillars.

Breakaway Scoring

Balls are kicked or herded into goals located in the corners of the fields. There are two goals for each alliance, adding up to 4 goals total.

At the end of the match, bonus points are awarded for robots that cling onto either of the two towers in the center of the field. More bonus points are awarded if alliance robots can suspend themselves from the robot clinging onto the tower.


Breakaway Field


• Dimensions at start of game 28″ x 38″ x 60″

• Max. dimensions during last 20 seconds of game not to exceed 7′ in diameter or 90″ in height.

• Weight not to exceed 120 lbs., excluding batteries and bumpers.

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