2012- Rebound Rumble

Robots compete to score points in game of basketball. Points are scored by making baskets in three varying

2012 FIRST Robotics Competition: Rebound Rumble

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The Rebound Rumble theme is played between two Alliances of three teams each. Each Alliance competes by trying to score as many basketballs in the varying hoops as possible during the 2-minute and 15-second match. Balls scored in higher hoops reward more points. Alliances are awarded bonus points if they are balanced on the mid-court bridges before the end of the match. In matches where opponent Alliances work together to balance on the central white bridge, all participating teams earn additional valuable seeding points.

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The 2012 FIRST robotics competition: Rebound Rumble


Beginning January 5th of 2012, The Shawnee Mission Northwest Cougar Robotics Team began their build season for the FIRST Robotics Competition’s Rebound Rumble. Student run, the team went through the competition with both the brains and the brawn. With an impressive drive team made up of Seniors Sean Amos, Darrien Richmond, and freshman Denzel Richmond, the Shawnee Mission Northwest Cougars stormed the field and earned a top seat in the final elimination rounds. With the Channel Cats and Bronco Bots as our chosen alliance, the Cougars earned an impressive 5th place at the Kansas City Regionals and plan to place as efficiently (or better) in the upcoming years.

Rebound Rumble- How it works

Rebound Rumble Scoring

Your team scores points by making baskets. Four basket hoops are available to score in for three different point levels. When a robot is within the key of the field, opposing robots may not ram or interfere without an applied penalty. During autonomous mode, points scored in baskets are granted a set bonus multiplier. The point values are shown below:


During the last 30 seconds, the bridges at the center of the field are available for robots to attempt balancing. Teams have a color-alliance designated bridge. Multiple robots on the same bridge grant a point bonus based on the match type.

A center bridge is white for robots from both alliances. Balancing on this bridge does not award extra points, but instead 2 coopertition points over the default 1 point for a completed game. Point values for balancing are shown below:



The field dimensions are 27 by 54 feet.



Images cited from D5Robotics and Wikipedia.  Click to Enlarge.

Summary of the Cougar Robotics 2012 Season


Drive Team of the 2012 Rebound Rumble Competition
During the pre-season period, we show up every Wednesday to snack and participate in activities that express creativity. An example of our activities included the creation of parachute models in a small competition for efficiency. This was a fun way to test our critical thinking and we continue to do so in many other ways. We also focus on fundraising which we would like to give a big thanks this year to Garmin, Black and Veatch, and BlueScope Construction. We read the game regulations and mock the course with prototypes in hopes to achieve the best performing robot for the arena conditions. We share serious discussions of the competition and the robot ideas. We slowly anticipate the kickoff to the build season.
Kansas City Regional Competition
We attended our regional competition this weekend at Hale Arena in the Stockyards District of Kansas City. It was a very exciting event as the robots scrambled through three days of competition. The bots first arrived on Thursday to set the pits up. We trialed a few practice runs and left until the next day. Friday came with a postponed robot parade and many rounds of games. We did fairly well finishing the day with a place in the semi-finals. Due to malfunctions in the robot and Wi-Fi, however, we were not able to win the round. On a positive note, we were able to maintain top 10 throughout the entire competition, which is an achievement we are proud of.
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