2013- Ultimate Ascent

On January 5th, 2013, First Robotics announced this year’s competitive game to be Ultimate Ascent.


The Pyramids

Mounting the robot on the designated pyramid rungs before the match ends awards bonus points. The robot must be completely contained within the level boundaries to be awarded the designated points. The zone boundaries with their corresponding point values are shown to the right. To enlarge, click on the image.
Additional regulations and manuals can be found here


The Field

Shown below is an illustrated version of the field this year for the competition. To enlarge, click on the image.




Greater Kansas City Regional 2013

This year our team competed in the 2013 FIRST Robotics Competition in the Greater Kansas City Regional. We were very grateful to all of our mentors who were able to make this a successful season. Our 2013 team was composed of a total 25 students and 13 mentors. Our drive team consisted of senior Charlie Schmidt, junior Philip Ruo, and sophomore Denzel Richmond. We had a great time at competition and look forward to apply our experiences in the years to come!

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