What is Aerial Assist?


On January 4, 2014 US First announced the theme of this year’s competition: Arial Assist. This reveal was aired on NASA TV to high schools and the public worldwide initiating the six week build season.

Two alliances of three robots each will face off on a 24×54 ft. field in a 2 minute and 30 second round. The first 10 seconds are reserved for the autonomous round where the robots operate solely on predetermined programming and score extra points. The round then returns to tele-op, manual control by our drivers for the remaining time.

The Field

Below are multiple illustrations of the field in this year’s competition.

The Truss


A truss exists spanning the center width of the arena at a clearance of 5’2” and maximum 6’2” height. Maneuvering the ball over the truss grants an immediate 5 points- obtainable once per cycle (unique ball in play). A robot in the friendly alliance also has the opportunity to catch the ball, which with adequate skills would reward an immediate 10 points.

Future Gallery


We will be posting pictures of our team in action during competition. This includes snapshots of us in the current build season- check back later!
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