2016 - FIRST Stronghold

On January 9th, 2016, FIRST Robotics announced the competition game for 2015: FIRST Stronghold.

2016 FIRST Robotics Game: FIRST Stronghold

What is FIRST Stronghold

FIRST Stronghold is a Medieval based game. To the left you can view a short three minute into to the game, or see the one minute teaser given to us in October before the full game was released in January.

Two alliances of three teams each compete on a 27 by 54 ft field in a 2 minute and 30 second time frame. In the first 15 seconds, robots are driven autonomously, and cannot have any driver input. During this section, the robot can cross the outer works defenses, and score boulders in the low and high goals. After this, two drivers take control of the robots to continue doing these activities, until 20 seconds is left in the match. During these 20 seconds, robots can hook onto bars attached to the high goals and climb for extra points.

FIRST Stronghold Scoring

Teams can score points by either damaging the defenses located in the Outer Works, or shooting the 10 in Dodgeball balls into the two sets of goals located on each alliance’s Castle. Teams can do these activities in either Autonomous or Tele-operated periods.

The Field for FIRST Stronghold

Below, you can see two views of the field for FIRST Stronghold. Click on either image to see an enlarged view.

Defenses and the Outer Works

The main focus of FIRST Stronghold are the Outer Works and the Defenses. Each of the 5 slots on each side of the Outer Works are completely able to be swapped out for any other defense, and are swapped out each round per the competing team’s discretion. The defense in the middle position, or position 3, is not chosen by the teams competing, but by the audience. Every ten rounds, there is a vote of which defense to be put there, by who is the loudest.


Greater Kansas City Regional 2016

At the beginning of our qualification rounds Friday morning, we were ranked #5 out of the 59 teams in the Greater Kansas City regional. The end of our second round, which we still won, we were ranked #1. Many rounds later, we had dropped down the rankings, and at the end of the first day of qualification rounds, we were ranked #8. At Alliance Selections the next day, we were ranked #17, and were excited to go into Quarter Finals. Despite  24 teams being chosen for elimination rounds, both we and the #15 seed, Team 5013, the Trobots, were not picked for Elimination rounds. We were ranked #2 for backup teams, but thankfully no robots were incapacitated so we were not needed. While being a disappointing end to an exciting season, we were still all very happy with what we created and thankful to all the mentors, parents, and other teams who helped us get there. We hope to improve for the CowTown Throwdown next October/November.

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