Team Divisions

What divisions do we have?

In most FIRST Robotics teams, students are divided into sub-teams to focus on specific sections of the workload. This allows students to work on topics that they have experience in or are interested in learning. Each section provides invaluable skill sets for future professions. However, most people end up working on multiple groups, depending on what’s needed.


Responsible for physically building the robot. This division creates ideas, models, and prototypes and how the robot is physically put together. Utilizes critical thinking and problem solving skills, such as maximizing efficiency while meeting weight limits.


These guys deal with the code that the robot uses in order to work. They let us control the robot when it is fully operational. Many of times this division serves double duty for the electrical team. The two are tightly tied together and one cannot progress without the other.


These people are responsible for all the tasks that involve using design programs like Autodesk Inventor. People on this team would complete tasks such as creating the digital blueprint of the robot and the pit.


This division is responsible for connecting Programming and Mechanical sub teams. They are they people who design where all of the physical computing components go on the robot as well as connecting all of them together.

PR / Fundraising

This group is responsible for making sure our team stays as a team. They manage our website, social media accounts and recruiting methods as well as managing the business aspect of the team, managing money and sponsor relations.


The Outreach team is mainly responsible for our awards, making sure we’re prepared for Chairman’s, Dean’s List and other awards as well as making sure our related FLL and FTC teams are being supported.
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